Ingeborg Bjorklund’s Cookbook

With more than 2 million books in print, Lauraine Snelling has captivated readers far and wide with her inspiring stories of the Norwegian immigrants who settled in Dakota Territory.  Now she shares the time-tested recipes of her most beloved character, Ingeborg Bjorklund, as well as many favorites of her own. 

Accompanied by cooking tips, personal anecdotes, and reminiscences of Lauraine's own Scandinavian heritage, these recipes are sure to evoke fond memories of dishes "just like mother (or grandmother) used to make."

Lauraine Snelling says…

“If yummy cookies, pies, and breads don't tickle your taste buds and substantial dinners that yield delicious leftovers won't make your life easier, then this cookbook may not be for you.  But if anecdotes and memories associated with special recipes warm you inside, you'll want to own Ingeborg Bjorklund's Red River Cookbook.”

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