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Most titles are hand-signed by Lauraine Snelling as a special favor to
Ox Cart Trails Historical Society!*

*except the youth fiction titles.

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Daughters of Blessing series

Dakotah Treasures series

Red River of the North Series

Return to Red River series

Secret Refuge series

Contemporary Novels

Saturday Morning - $15.00
The Way of Women - $15.00

Golden Filly series
$6.00 each

  1. The Race
  2. Eagle’s Wings
  3. Go for the Glory
  4. Kentucky Dreamer
  5. Call for Courage
  6. Shadow Over San Mateo
  7. Out of the Mist
  8. Second Wind
  9. The Winner’s Circle

High Hurdles series
$6.00 each

  1. DJ’s Challenge
  2. Setting the Pace
  3. Storm Clouds
  4. Close Quarters
  5. Moving Up
  6. Letting Go
  7. Raising the Bar
  8. Class Act