Collector Mugs

These handsome mugs will make a great addition to your kitchen! The Blessing mug features a handmade cross-stitched look with the words “Blessing” and “Drayton” in patriotic red-white-and blue. The Ox Cart mug features our logo in a rich brown color. Both mugs are white ceramic and the design is printed on both sides.

Available in Drayton at our Gift Shop in Drayton Drug
Price $5.00 each
Proceeds support Ox Cart Trails Historical Society’s museum and other projects

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24k gold-plated brass – two different designs
One features the old school, the other Drayton’s old draw bridge, and both have fine border detailing of wheat, beans, potatoes, and sugarbeets. Approximately 2” x 2 ½“ in size. These limited edition ornaments make perfect gifts for any occasion!

- $10.00 each

To Order, call 701-454-6103
or email   


Postcard set - $3.00

To Order, call 701-454-6103
or email